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For Military And Veterans

The army hat is almost exclusively designed to suit a man. It promotes a bold and unassuming style that suits a firm and assertive individual. This military style hat boasts straight sides, a flat top, and a front bill that’s curved. Upright and proper, just like the military, there are no soft lines or curves to be found on this hat. With such straight and firm edges, this hat is truly designed for the military man or veteran. The sides of the military hat rarely offer any type or style of adornment, but when they do they’re usually buttons or embroidered rank indicators. Just like camouflage, these hats are suited to both Army and a Navy veterans, and it will truly suit any military man.

Distinctively Military

Distinctively military, this hat is not easily mistaken for any other type of hat. Made out of different materials including leather, there may be some decorative wide stitching along the seams, otherwise, this hat is clearly a “just the facts” hat. Generally more muted in color from blues to blacks, sometimes brown and grey, these hats maintain colors that would do well to camouflage you in the military environment. With lines as strong as the men in the military, this hat is full of the pride that comes from wearing camo and being in the army, navy, or being a military veteran from any branch of the service. This hat will make and exceptional gift for the military man in your life.