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A beret is a type of hat that is worn by men and women both. They are made of soft cloth, wool, crochet, or even acrylic fiber. It is flat and round. The beret can be used a fashion statement, but it also a part of many armies and police uniforms worldwide. It came into fashion in the early 19th century, after which it began to be produced as a mass-produced product. Spain and France are the countries of origin of this hat type.

How to Wear a Beret Hat?

The most interesting about a beret is that it can be worn with anything and in any style. People wear by tucking into a side shape or making a dip in the center. In the USA, people wear it on their sides. Some older men wear it by plumping up the front of the hat as it makes them look graceful. The most preferred material for a beret is wool, during winters. Ladies and gentlemen all prefer a wool beret during autumn and winter season. During summers, a lighter colored beret is preferably worn. The wool yarn used for crochet in the beret is sometimes single colored or multi colored. This is dependent on the person who is getting it specifically made for themselves or just buying it off the shelf.

Some beret hats are lined with stiffener, and some are lined with silk or cotton material. In many cases, the beret hats are used unlined, especially the woolen or crochet ones. French berets are usually black, and we can often see red colored French berets in paintings depicting artists. A black colored French beret is considered as the national cap of France. With the passage of time and modernisation, the color and designs became universal; there were no specifics to French beret, Spanish beret hats or any other regional beret hats. It became a trend and has never been out of fashion.

A beret hat even became a revolutionary symbol. A famous portrait of an Argentinean revolutionary leader who sports a black beret hat set the trend. The pattern was copied and adopted in the USA as well. There was even a group that patrolled the streets of New York, to prevent crimes and they wore red colored beret hats.

Women, generally sport beret hats, in solid colors or checks. The outfits that usually go with the beret hats in case of women are autumn and winter season clothes. The beret hats in these seasons are accompanied with matching or contrasting scarves.

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