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The Fashionable Hat You Can Shape

First created by the French, our berets are a highly fashionable hat that you can shape and a wide variety of ways. With its soft crown and brim featuring a ball on top, the beret is a hat that has a fashionable style that has never gone out of popularity. The soft body is highly adaptable allows you to shape it and place it on your head in a wide variety of ways. You can place it to one side of your head or the other, complementing the part you wear in your hair. You can pull it forward and down toward your eyes or you can pull it backward allowing the front to elongate and the back to narrow. The versatile style of the beret allows it to accentuate many different head and face shapes.

Colors For Every Occasion

Our selection of berets features vibrant colors in every hue of the rainbow. From pale lavender to pinks to elegant black, you can choose a beret or several to compliment any outfit or create any mood. Created with the highest quality wool, our berets are highly durable and are designed to give you years of a highly fashionable life. Whether you select a beret in a bright modern color or a subtle hue that is more reminiscent of a vintage look, you can look absolutely striking in a beret. Berets look good on and compliment both men and women so don’t be afraid to give it a try.