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Vintage Romance of Cloche Hats

Everything old becomes new again and that’s especially true with our wide selection of wool cloche hats. When you want to celebrate the style of 1920s women, a cloche hat is the perfect selection. Featuring a modest, slightly downturned brim these hats have both round crown and lots of style and elegance. Designed to be worn by women in the 1920s, cloche hats create a very sultry look by being worn very low. Position these hats so that they have the brim just above your eyes, and you will achieve the perfect vintage look. The round brim accentuates the round crown of a hat and lends to a very elegant and feminine style.

Vibrant Colors

Our high-quality wool cloche hats are available in a generous selection of vibrant colors to delight your personality. Beadings and belts adorn the base of the brim and encircle the lower part of the crown of these hats. Ribbons are often transformed into floral decorations, some featuring five large petals, which are definitely flattering and decidedly feminine. Sometimes beads can be used to add a little splash of color and accentuate the solid color of your hat. Similar to the bowler, hat velvet ribbons and mesh may also be used to create an elegant evening look which is perfect for a night out with a special gentleman. Treat yourself to a “ladies only” accessory with a will cloche hat. Allow the sexy elegance of the 1920s permeate your modern look creating a stylish look with a hint of vintage romance.