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Class and elegance for men and women

Fedoras are a wide-brimmed hat that are most commonly created out of felt or even straw. The tops, or crowns, of the Fedora feature a distinctive indentation that sets this hat apart from many others and creates the iconic look so many have come to love. A hat made popular by actors and actresses, you’re sure to look like a movie star yourself when you wear one of our fedoras. Once you place this style of hat on your head you’ll be able to feel the swagger it inspires throughout your entire body. The long brim allows you to tip your hat in the most excellent way possible, charming everyone you meet.

Adorned with possibility

Fedoras boast a wide variety of adornments from simple leather belts with buckles that encircle the crown of the hat to satin ribbons that feature silver O rings. From bows laid flat against the hat to feathers and even chain, a fedora is a hat that’s a bold enough to be adorned with any material. Even though there are minor differences Trilby hats are often included in Fedora collections. When you want the commanding style that a fedora demands, whether you’re a man or a woman, you can choose a color than intensifies that effect. You can also tone that effect down with a more neutral or feminine color. While most often you’ll find Fedoras in neutral or darker tones, brighter more vibrant shades are also available.