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Popular Across The Ages

Popular with both the older and the younger generation, the flat cap can also be called a golf cap as is proof that everything considered old becomes new and trendy again. It primarily features a soft body and crown but boasts a firm brim that gives it its unique appearance. A sliding adjuster on the side allows you to cinch the cap tighter or looser to fit your head in style. Made of a wide variety of materials, you can find a flat cap that’s completely casual or as sleekly elegant as you desire. Sometimes called a Newsboy, cap the flat cap can be all one color or have a mixture of colors and patterns to suit your style. No matter what you call it, you’ll be capped in style when you wear one of our flat caps.

Flat Caps For Men And Women

Flat caps for women are a little bit more petite and offer a slightly lighter color. A light blue denim look is a more modern development that make the cap look flattering on women. While most flat caps are created of one solid color, some feature plaids and prints as an accent on the side. There are a few that even boast a pattern across the entire soft crown of the cap, stretching out to the brim. Available in a large selection of sizes, combined with the sliding adjuster on the side, you’ll be able to find a flat cap that fits you perfectly and makes you look stylish.