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Magical Appearance

As one of the tallest hats known to man, the top hat stands up to 18 centimeters tall. Magical in appearance this hat is also known as the hat that’s used for magic tricks. Featuring a flat crown the top hat also boasts an upward tilted brim on either side. Distinctive in its silhouette, the top hat creates an air of elegance for anyone who wears it and lends itself very well to formal events. Around the base of the crown is a satin ribbon that accentuates the height of the top hat, and is a part of its distinctive style. Popular in the 1900s top hats still holds appeal for certain formal events in the modern era.

Made For The Modern Era

Created with black silk for the modern era, we offer top hats in both black and white. Whether you choose to wear them for an upscale event such as the Melbourne Cup, or are looking for a hat to compliment your magic show or costume, we have the top hat for you. Nowadays top hats are worn equally by women as they are by men and flatter both. The top hat is almost always a necessary piece of the magician’s apparel whether the magician is a man or a woman. The top hat is not only worn by the magician but also used for tricks. The height of the hat allows a for a depth that’s perfect for tricks.