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Express Your Character With a Bowler Hat

A bowler hat offers you the truest expression of your authentic self. Whether you choose a round top bowler or a derby hat, you can express your individuality through a wide variety of colors and adornments. Never compromising on quality, these hats are made of the finest felt and wool available on the market today. When you combine the finest materials with the most creative expressions of individual style, you get a hat that adds the ultimate style to your clothing ensemble. The round crown and rolled brim allow you to wear this hat comfortably all day long and even into the night. Whether out for an evening with close friends or making an appearance an event, the bowler hat will accentuate your outfit in the most impeccable way, adding a touch of charisma to your personality.

Elegant Adornment

Bowler and derby hats allow the base the brim to be adorned in the most exquisite of details. Velvet ribbons can encircle the base of the brim held tightly with a clasp of beautiful filigree metal work featuring gemstones or pearls. Satin ribbons that encircle the hat can also be fashioned into roses and feature mesh accents. Feathers are another popular adornment and add a sweet air of whimsy to your bowler hat. From pearls to gems and satin to lace, expressing your individuality with style through the adornment of a hat has never been easier. Combine your favorite color with your favorite type and style of adornment and complete your outfit with panache.