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Quintessential and Distinctive Trilby

Nothing says style quite like the distinctive trilby hat. With its finely shaped crown and gently curved brim this hat is the quintessential had for both men and women. The overall flattering shape of this hat flatters the heads of men and women worldwide, creating a desire for this unique style. The base of the brain can be encircled either jauntily with a ribbon ending in a flat bow adorned with pins, with a leather strap featuring a metallic buckle, or in a way that is only limited by the designer’s imagination. Trilby hats are also frequently adorned with feathers as well as buckles and bows. In truth, there are as many ways to adorn the base of the brim as there are unique individuals who desire the fashionable style of this unique hat.

Formal and Casual

As a Hallmark of men’s distinctive style, even a bow looks flatting on a gentleman wearing a trilby hat. Made of the finest quality wool or straw, trilby hats are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit every head. Also available in a wide variety of colors, trilby hats will subtly compliment or coordinate with any outfit of your choosing. Whether you’re wearing a suit or are dressed for casual Friday, the trilby had will fit into your style du jour. The wide variety of sizes will accommodate for the hair styles of both men and women, making this hat one of the most versatile hats available. Adorn yourself with charm and distinction by wearing a trilby hat.