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A Trilby hat is very commonly confused with a Fedora. People who wear hats can list many differences that exist between these two hats, but to many people, they may seem similar. A Trilby hat was first worn in a play that was staged by the name of Trilby, after that the hat got its name. The history of a Trilby hat is quite similar to the Fedora hat, as the Fedora also got its name from play. A Trilby hat has a smaller brim as compared to a Fedora hat. The wider brimmed Fedora is usually worn for multiple purposes, but a Trilby is worn more out of fashion than a necessity. A Trilby hat has a taller crown, and people wear it at the back of the head or angle it sideways but then again it usually for style purposes. A Trilby hat does not provide any shade.

In the era when the fashion of Trilby hats was born, it was worn by gentleman alone, but today a Trilby has also become a part of women fashion trends. A Trilby was never restricted to a season; it could be worn in any season, the material from which the Trilby hat was fashioned altered accordingly. During winters, the most preferred material was wool. But generally, they were made from tweed or straw. A Trilby that was made of wool required a thick lining to maintain its shape and firmness.

When & How to Wear a Trilby Hat?

Today a Trilby hat is a much-preferred fashion statement of the young generation. In yester years, it was preferred by the affluent gentleman. A Trilby hat gives an impression of young, impressionable boy band kind of look. Young men usually wear the Trilby hat to impress and exude a boyish charm. The clothes that are worn with a Trilby hat are fresh modern and hassle free. If you have purchased a Trilby hat for yourself, the safest way to carry it would be to accompany it with a jersey, and jeans accompanied with an open checkered shirt. In earlier times, the most preferred material was the rabbit felt fur, but today with all the awareness about animal welfare, people have shifted to soft wool, straws, and tweed alone. These Trilby hats need a tad bit more care than usual hats, as they cannot be washed. The easiest way to clean them is to use a coating brush or a makeup sponge. In case of marks or spots, an eraser can also be used.

Best Price & Quality Trilby in Australia

The Trilby hat is mostly preferred by the young generation, inspired by their music icons or fashion idols. There is a wide range of price and material that can be used to make these Trilby hats. If you are looking for the perfect Trilby hat, here is the right place to be. We one of the finest collection of casual and formal Trilby hats, in a variety of material like, tweed, straw, and wool. These hats are designed with extra care taken to make them look outstanding and complement your fashion needs.