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Seaside Style Panama Hats

Capture that seaside by feeling wearing a Panama Hat made out of light and summery straw. High quality Panama hats are the perfect companion to any men’s or women’s light suit or beachside summer outfit. Commonly paired with linen and silk, the Panama hat is made out of straw, shading the eyes and keeping the head protected from the sun, yet cool in temperature. Traditionally, it’s been a very light color hat, however, nowadays it comes in a wide variety of colors from black to even two-toned versions. Encircling the base of the brim you can find fashionable leather straps, artistically knotted twine, straw bands, and even satin ribbons. Longer in the front, the brim of the hat is slightly curled on the sides and in the rear as well.

Modern Color Pallets

Perfectly designed to evoke a relaxed feeling, these Panama hats are perfect for a cool and refreshing summertime style. Made with quality straw, these hats can flatter both men and women easily. With modern color palettes you have the opportunity to express your individuality through color as well as the adornment around the base of the brim. Whether you choose a leather strap with decorative stitching and a buckle or a satin ribbon with a bow, you’ll present the ultimate cool fashion in the heat of summer time. Made with high-quality materials, these Panama hats are a summertime must. Kick back and relax, sporting an elegant Panama hat whether you’re taking a stroll on the beach or having dinner outdoors with your friends.