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Adventure In A Cowboy Hat

When you think of the Wild West you definitely think of adventure, good times, and exploration. Nothing captures the western experience like a cowboy hat. The cowboy hat is the hat that everyone can easily identify without question. For many people, “hat” is synonymous with cowboy hats. It boasts a high, defined crown and a very wide brim. Designed for men who had to spend a long time in the unforgiving elements of outdoors wrangling cattle, the long brim shaded their eyes and protected them from the sun’s burning rays. As most of the men were on horseback, cowboy hats feature a strap or tie that goes around your chin to ensure that the hat stays on your head while you fly across the plains.

Go West

While there is no formal or standard design for western hats, the cowboy hat hasn’t changed much in style over the years. Our cowboy hats are created out of leather, bull hide, and occasionally fur based felt or straw, in tribute to the way that these hats have been made for generations. In modern times cowboy hats are worn by both men and women (or should we say cowgirl hats). Express your outdoorsy and natural style with a cowboy hat jauntily placed on your head. Perfectly suited to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, the cowboy had can also look stellar on a woman in a denim skirt. Indulge your daring sense of adventure by wearing one of our Cowboy or cowgirl hats.