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Designed For A Day On The Greens

Created to shade your eyes and protect your head from the sun, the golf cap is designed to be worn for a day spent out on the greens while swinging clubs. Similar in appearance to both a baseball cap and a flat cap, the golf hat features a shortened crown and a long curved brim. The curved brim provides a great deal of shade for your eyes and your face, and is very helpful when you want your ball fly through the sky. The shortened crown stays perfectly on your head without creating a lot of distraction while you swing your clubs and make your strokes.

Golf Caps For Fun and Style

Despite the name, golf caps aren’t just for golfers anymore. Lots of individuals enjoy wearing a golf cap in a similar style to the baseball cap and golf hats have risen in creativity to meet the demand. Created in bright and fun colors with swooshes and pinstripe details, golf hats now appeal to the fashion sense of both men and women. While golf caps still certainly fit the apparel of the golf club or tour, you can certainly choose to wear one out of sheer desire for the unique look and style they present. Select a color or design that suits your personality and wear it to your next summer outing or sports adventure. Be creative and add them as an accessory to your regular apparel and create a sporty look whenever the mood strikes!