Differences between a fedora and a trilby

Hats have never ever gone out of vogue. Beanies, busbies, deerstalkers, toques, fedoras and of course trilbies, hats are here to stay. Although initially hats were used to cover the head and protect against the harsh sun, the word has experienced quite some meaning shift throughout the years. Today hats have become a social status and a fashion trend. According to fashion gurus, hats give outfits a bold and complete look. There are various different styles being carried today where hats are concerned and Fedoras and Trilbies happen to be one of the most common ones. Although worn in large numbers, people still aren’t certain about the difference between these two styles, so here we are, with a proper Fedora vs. Trilby to help you identify one from another when you buy a hat next.

The differences

A fedora hat, although worn by both men and women is usually associated as a symbol of masculinity. Look throughout the history and pictures and you will see that no detective was ever seen without a fedora on his head. As compared to a trilby hat, a fedora has a broader brim. If you need an idea of ratio a fedora would have a broader brim, say about 7cms whereas a trilby would have a narrower one about 5cms. A trilby hat has a stingier brim which turns up sharply on the edges and snaps down from the front. As compared to this, a fedora hat has a more relaxed brim which is shaped slightly up on the edges, snapped slightly down from the front and has more dash and style. If you preferred the John Barrymore look, a fedora is what you should opt for.

Fedora hats are considered more flamboyant whereas trilbies are preferred more by people who want to create a conservative look. Trilbies are associated more with jazz because that was what brought them in vogue back in the 1950s. Artists like Justin Timberlake, Lindsay Lohan and celebrities like Victoria Beckham are proud supporters of trilby hats.

The basic difference between fedora and trilby hats boils down to the brim size. Fedoras have a broader brim whereas trilbies have a narrower brim. The experts put it this way, a trilby hat is a fedora only with a more tapered crown, a shorter brim and a narrow ribbon. Trilby hats are preferred mostly by aristocratic Brits and go well with suits and cardigans both. However both hats serve the same purpose of covering and protecting the head, but fashion and hat enthusiasts certainly know the difference and follow one trend by heart only.

The way to find out which is for you

For people like you and I, who are more interested in wearing a hat that suits us, it comes to just one thing, try out both fedora and trilby hats and choose one that suits you best. Unless it is stated you have to wear one kind or the other must, you can choose to experiment with the style as per your own comfort and good looks.