How to choose a hat for your face?

Our faces are what we love the most, and what is the most amazing think the human race has ever made that fits perfectly to your head and makes your face look brilliant? Hats, yes hats does it all for you. And we at Need4Hats understand this integral accessory and take care of this necessity for you.

We all know there is this picky, perfectionist within all of us who wants everything to fit perfectly, look perfect. Sometimes the perfectionist knows what it wants but cannot get it, for example walking into a hat shop, trying all the hats available and still not feeling your perfectionist self. Or going into a hat shop, making all the right choices and not being able to pick one of those (we would suggest buying all of them, but we know the struggle). So here are some tips on what kind of hat shall look the best on your face shape, once you have that sorted. Try every hat in the world and you will feel your perfectionist self.

  1. Blessings for the oval face: You have an amazingly versatile face shape. So you can try anything you want. Pair it up with a nice piece of jewelry and you are good to go. For women, you might want to be sure that your hat or cap is in harmony with your dress so that there is nothing that goes wrong.
    Cool hats you may want to try: Fisherman cap, Chupalla or a Boater
  2. Blessings for the round face: We love curves! You flaunt that round face amazingly, what needs to be added is a tinge bit of symmetry. Use our hats and caps to add symmetry and you will flaunt the hat. So you might want to go something which has a high crown or a straight brim that balances out the face.
    Cool hats you may want to try: Fedora, Newsboy hat or a Baseball cap
  3. Blessings for the oblong face: You have a long face, a face of so many dreams. So your hats don’t need to elongate your face anymore, try finding something that has a large brim, low crown and a curvy end to it so that it balances out the vertical curves on your face.
    Cool hats you may want to try: Sun hat, Cloche, or Fedora with a large brim
  4. Blessings for the heart-shaped face: Chose anything but a wide brim. The most important part of your face that needs to be balanced out is, your forehead, so a wide brim may highlight only your upper half of the face withdrawing attention from you lower part of the face.
    Cool hats you may want to try: Fedora with a medium sized brim, Cloche, Homburg, Beanie, or a Beret.
  5. Blessings for the square face: We love the symmetry in your face; you might want to use the hat to soften those sharp symmetrical edges. Chose something that is not the exact angle as your face shape, because that will not complement your face shape.
    Cool hats you may want to try: Cowboy hat, Homburg, Cloche or a Toque
  6. Blessings for the triangle face: You are another versatile face shape. Experiment and go wild, try anything that you think looks cool and  flaunt it just stay away from a crown that is narrow than your cheekbones
    Cool hats you may want to try: Everything!