What is a bowler hat? And a bit history.

A bowler hat also known as a “Derby” hat is known to have been designed in 1849. It is named after its creator Thomas and William Bowler. It is a hard, rounded durable felt hat that was generally designed for the British and American working class individuals in the early 18th to the 19th century and later won by the upper class in the United Kingdom.

Even though the identity of the customer who originally requested the design of this hat is not known to date, this hard hat design was meant to protect their heads from being knocked about by low hanging trees and branches while they out hunting and horseback riding. The hats used before the Bowler hats were of low quality, hence they tended to wear off quickly and did nothing to protect their heads.

Later, through the 20th century, the Bowler hat became popular among the business working types in the British culture. These men were generally wealthy looking and they were known to carry an umbrella to complete the “Gentleman Look.”

The Bowler hat became popular in America as it was worn mostly by the cowboy’s as it had a perfect fit for it and it would stay on the head especially when riding through windy parts of the west. The railroad workers preferred the Bowler hat as it was durable and it protected them against harsh climatic weather. At some point in the 1920’s women began wearing the bowler hat and it is still a common get up among the Quechua and Aymara women in South America.

Actors such as Charlie Chapman, during “The Tramp” movie, John Steed, and musicians such as Bob Dylan are remembered wearing the Bowler hat during their performances. Although not as popular hat, the Bowler hat is slowly making a comeback. Recently won by Sir Winston Churchill. Because of being of being identified as “A key piece to British style,” Bowler hats are now back on demand and if you are looking to make heads turn, a Bowler hat is definitely the way to go.

Choosing the right hat to suit your face begins with the shape or symmetry of your face. The proper hat will make you look dignified and almost all cases, men who wear the right fitting hat appear younger. There are different types of face shapes such as:

  • A long face, a square face shape, the long, thin faces are best suited for a Bowler hat.
  • The round face, the top heavy face, receding chin, prominent jaw, long nose, and the long jaw face. These types of faces are suited for a Fedora hat.

Hats are meant to be a versatile accessory. They should complement your style of dressing as well as your color pallet. For a particularly dapper look, make sure to match your outfit, for instance, if you are wearing a gray suit (which is a versatile color) it matches well with a dark or a gray hat. Whatever your style is and depending on your face’s shape, there is a hat for you!