How To Wear A Beret?

Berets were for a long time reserved for the military. Over the years, more and more people are embracing this stylish hat that is a symbol of classic Parisian style. Today, these flat soft caps are considered a must have accessory for both men and women.

Wearing a beret can help a person make a statement when they enter a room. These flat toppers add some retro glamor to an Outfit. In other cases, women use them as a fashionable way to cover up a bad hair day.

When worn right, this flat topper can bring life to your outfit while still looking like you stepped out of the fashion pages.

Below is a guide on how to best rock this must-have fashion piece:

1. Buy The Right Berets

Wearing a beret starts from the shop. Choose a beret that compliments your hair color as well as the clothes in your wardrobe. Purchase a beret that has a tight brim – you don’t want your beret flying out of your head on a windy day to do you?

Regardless of the season, one can rock a beret. As you purchase a beret consider the weather. During sunny days, you can rock a lacy beret. A woolen beret is a good choice during winter.

2. Style Your Hair

When wearing a beret, you can style your hair in any way you like. All you have to ensure is that your hair fits in the beret. For a bun, ensure that it’s high enough to fit in the beret or low sufficiently to fit in the berets band. You can also wear your beret with your hair flowing loosely for that early century look.

3. Try Out Different Looks

Stand in front of the mirror and find out which style of wearing beret best suits you. You can choose to show your hairline or to have it covered. As you try out these looks, remember that most people wear berets lopsided.

You can tuck part of the trim and then tilt it to one side as you bring it low onto your forehead. For a puffy look, remove the brim and blow air into it. Place the beret over your head with it pulled to cover your ears.

4. Accessorize

In case you feel that the beret is too plain, you can add some pomp to it by accessorizing. You can add a bow or even a fancy broach to the side of the beret. For a casual outfit, you can add a flower to the beret.

You can also wear bold earrings or even a statement necklace to bring out a dramatic effect. When wearing plain colors, you can choose to break the monotony using a colorful beret. In whatever way you decide to accessorize your beret, own the look.

5. Pin Up The Beret

Lastly, use some bobby pins on the sides of your temples to ensure that the beret is secure in your head. If your beret slides off your head, it will put your careful styling to waste.

So, go out and grab this timeless fashion topper – you will stand out as a style star!