How to measure your head size and hat size?

How does it feel when you buy something you’ve fallen in love with but it doesn’t fit? Be it a shirt, shoes, pants, dress or a hat. Yes, there is a perfect fitting for hats too so never adjust with a hat which you love but it’s too tight for your head that it gives you a migraine or too loose that as you look down it falls off. So, how to find a hat which fits perfectly on your head by measuring your head?

So, how would you measure your head size?

Take a measuring tape and measure around the edge of your head, just directly above your ears and approaching half-way down your temple. Make sure that the measuring tape is at ease around your head and not too loose or tight. If you’re still ambiguous about where to place the measuring tape, visualise the position a cap would settle on your head.

We all have that one hat we love; the one which fits us so perfectly that it’s not too tight that it gives you a straight migraine and not too loose that as you look down or bend down to pick up your pennies it falls off the ground. So, yes you’ve found that perfect hat which fits you. But it’s not as smooth as it sounds; just like shoes and other shrinking material clothing; hats and caps shrink too so sizes can differ while you measure it. But hold on to the thought and don’t get disappointed we are here to tell you the accurate steps so that you can measure your hat and know your head size.

So how to measure your hat size?

Take a measuring tape and beginning from the intersection in the inside sweat band or head band at the back of the hat, from there to around the circumference measure it all the way. The band inside the crown of your head is your inner headband, it is usually made up of leather or ribbon which protects your head from heat and absorbs the excess sweat and oil. It is usually difficult to hold a measuring tape and get correct measurement without moving a few inches so pin down the measurement tape from the corners to keep it intact so that you don’t lose the correct measurement.

You can even measure it both the ways by measuring your head or directly measuring from your hat or cap so you can get a correct measurement on both the measuring tapes and compare it to see where the difference is coming from. So if there is any difference between both the results on measuring tape after comparing then take the midpoint out between the two results.