How to wash your baseball cap?

Baseball caps aren’t like normal caps so they cannot even be cleaned like a normal cap. After a few uses obviously a baseball cap requires to be cleaned well. But no matter what method we try it seems to be a fail. There is an old folk method that is to throw your baseball cap in a dishwasher but that too doesn’t give the satisfactory result. AS it only partially cleanse the cap and the caps came out to be misshapen and a little discolored too.

What to do & what NOT to do

So let’s list down the ideas for you guys on how to wash a normal cap and see if you guys can fit these ideas in or need it for future:

  • Do NOT give caps for laundry: Go for the washing machines with high efficiency which has no agitated columns in their dryers, but even that requires cold water and gentle swishes so it doesn’t misshapen the shape of your dear cap. Also keep in mind that there shouldn’t be a lot of loads of clothes while you’re washing caps as it will squish the cap and dismantle its original form. Keep in mind that the dryers in washing machine are too hot so tumbling will destroy the shape anyway so it’s better to avoid throwing your cap in a laundry machine.
  • Keep them away from bleach: Never ever use any products with bleach in it or never wash your cap with the clothes washed in bleach as you obviously want your cap’s color to stay as bright and clean as new.
  • Get rid of old folk method: The old folk method that is throwing your cap in a dishwasher as it gets cleaned; DON’T DO THAT. Dishwasher detergents have a lot of bleach in it which is the reason why after coming out of the dishwasher your cap loses its color. As the dishwasher appliance run on the high heat so it can easily damage your cap.
  • Hand-washing all the way: Wash your caps with your hands it is the most gentle and bleach free or heat free way to wash your caps. So without the use of bleach or heat your cap’s color will remain tact for a long time.

How to hand-wash your cap

Now, how do we wash the baseball cap in particular? Follow the following steps accordingly so you get the desired and hassle-free results:

  • Step 1: Fill a bucket with water, make sure that you fill the bucket with cold water; you know the damage hot water can bring to the fabric of the cap.
  • Step 2: Add the detergent which is really good against the obstinate marks as it has the stain-fighting treatment and it is stronger than other detergents and cleans the stains form the fabric of hat in minimum time possible.
  • Step 3: If there are any problematic stains that one stain ruining the whole cap then you need to spot clean that particular stain with a cleaning equipment. If the cleaning equipment isn’t available you can always use a toothbrush it works just fine. But before that dip your cap in the bucket full of detergent and water, take a little shampoo in your palm and then dip your toothbrush in it and start cleaning the particular spot or stain with that. Just keep rubbing it over the stain; shampoos work really quickly on sweat stains.
  • Step 4: After you’re done cleaning the particular spots and stains with the help of toothbrush and shampoo. Soak the cap into the soapy solution in the bucket ideally for 20-30 minutes but keep checking for the stains if they have really gone. If you think there is any need of scrubbing them anymore then take the toothbrush and shampoo and scrub the spot gently again just be careful if the stain is near some logo or sensitive threaded part.
  • Step 5: Once you take the cap out of the soaking solution rinse it well under running water, and then gently pat dry it with a towel. Again be very gentle with the logos as your work here is to pat dry the cap by drying the excess water from it so it doesn’t keep dripping while you dry it on a counter.
  • Step 6: Here is the final tip to keep your cap in shape, take a coffee jar cover it with the water and place your cap on it as it will absorb the extra dripping of water and cap will remain in its original form.