How to wear a cloche hat?

Women love to dress up! And who’s there to complain? When they’re such heavenly creatures, they have all the right in the world to play up their appearance and accessorise as they want to. Say, it’s the birth right of a woman to look good and do all or any endeavor that she might want to do for that.

That said, let’s come to women’s hats. Women, since ages, love to adorn their ensembles with hats. There are just so many designs and types of hats for women that one tends to get confused what to choose from. Here, we will look into the stylish cloche hats for women.

Whether you’re going dressy or you intend to keep it casual, a cloche hat will certainly complement your ensemble and bring a timeless elegance and sophistication to your look.

How to wear?

If you have a keen eye you will have observed by now that the movies have always depicted the cloche hats worn at a very slight angle so that they hang over a certain portion of your face. A cloche hat needs to go like that or else it looks a bit untidy when worn. Perfect angle is extremely important when it comes to supporting a cloche hat and you will only be able to achieve that angle when you choose a proper size for your cloche hat. Usually, a cloche hat will snugly cover the crown of your head and will stay in place when you wear it on an angle. However, it is important that the hat fits your size properly or else it will not give you the look you’ve been trying to achieve.

When you need to choose the best type of cloche hat for a specific ensemble, you need to pay good attention to the material your hat will be made of. If you need something dressy, go for cloche hats made from structured materials, the likes of textured wool or luxurious and rich fur felt. For a casual ensemble, a cloche hat made from practical cotton or stylish yet sturdy straw would do just great for your look.

If you want to experiment with hat wearing a bit and would like to do something unconventional yet stylish, go ahead and opt for a vintage cloche hat. You should pick up a cloche hat that has a wide brim emphasising the cap’s bell shape in a classic style.

If vintage is not your type, go for a contemporary look experimenting with your cloche hats. You will find a lot of modernised versions of the cloche hats in the market featuring adornments like never before. There are those featuring chains around the circumference or around the cap’s bell shape. A lot of hats today feature slim hat bands as well.

And if you really are in the mood for a daring outlook, go ahead and get yourself a bob, pixie or bangs styled haircut because cloche hats look amazing on such hair!